Tech lead wanted

We are looking for a tech lead to lead our engineering efforts. We are a 1 year old cross border startup with offices in Delhi and Shenzhen. Our registered office is in HongKong

We refrain from glamorous ways of attracting true talent. Hence we call this person tech lead. Internally, this person will be the CTO and 3rd biggest stakeholder in the company after the 2 founders

Build our technology from scratch, must have demonstrated experience of having handled consumer facing tech at scale. After all, this person will lead developing an enabler which supports millions of users, 100s of suppliers, many influencers, 1000s of orders and multimillion dollars of transactions; an entire ecosystem

We are cracking a multibillion dollar ecommerce industry with 4 core pillars:
– Group buying (aggregating orders from end consumers)
– Community (social community based ecommerce)
– Curated products (handpicked products after a thorough QA process)
– Direct sourcing (from some of the best factories across the world)

Our goal is to create the most efficient supply chain of flow of information, goods and money across borders. We know we are creating a value for money proposition which no one can beat in the entire market (not even the big ones like Fk, Amz)

We are two co-founders, I am based in Delhi and my partner is in Shenzhen, CN (he is a Chinese national)

We started working on this project on Apr 2018. We went live with our alpha version in Nov 2018. Currently we have successfully piloted our beta. The product market fit has been established. Now we are focusing on growth


We believe we are looking at a few billion dollar opportunity with our model

They are watching us. “They” are the big guys

We want to raise money as an investment “opportunity”. We are quietly working on building traction and core team before we get serious with the monies. While I am focusing on India- US markets, my partner is focusing in China for investments. We hope with the right data and team behind our business, raising money will not be a problem

We are building a core team of 1st 15- 20 people. These people will NOT BE employees. They will be stakeholders and part of our business nucleus. We want them to be with us till the end. With that in mind, we have a very transparent equity sharing methodology which does not leave any scope of ambigioty

To be a multinational network which connects best manufacturers with end consumers across markets, to create an efficient supply chain which delivers market leading value for money across multiple product categories.

We want to lead india and other emerging economies with what we call ecommerce 2.0 (next generation of ecommerce)

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