Who we are

A multi-national team working to connect the global ecosystem of consumers and producers

We are a multi-national multi- cultural team of driven individuals who are focused on solving the problem of inefficiencies that plague the chain connecting producers and consumers

Founded in Sep 2018, we have our head office in Hong Kong with regional offices in New Delhi, India and Shenzhen, China

We started our operations in Nov 2018 with alpha phase. Currently the platform is in it’s beta

Our Mission

Our promise to our users

To make high quality affordable and to make sure our users get the best product for the money they are spending

The problem

Affordability, quality, latest range

High Price

The conventional retail in India is such, that while completing the journey from factory to consumer, the retail price of a product increases manifold. This is primary because of the simple fact that in India the supply chain involves a numerous arms, such as third party agents, trading partner, sourcing agent, importers, the retailer and even the brand. Moreover, inaccurate practices like cash-on-delivery adds to the problem. In the entire hullabaloo, it is you – the consumer who incurs the maximum loss.

The Problem of Accessing High-End Technology

Another major issue in Indian market is that, be it retailers, brands, importers or consumers, , everyone focuses on laying hands on the cheapest of products. Unlike American and European markets, Indian consumers are devoid of the highest-end technology currently available to the mankind.

Net Result

The collective outcome of the above mentioned problems is that an average Indian consumer is unable to afford a decent, high-end technology product. That’s majorly because premium brands have an upper hand in the entire situation and they introduce these “not-so-overtly-priced” technology at a very high price. As a result you settle down with a cheaper but low-quality product.


Build a community platform which has the power to negotiate directly with the factories

How it all began?

We, at DreamKats, perceived the scenario and thought – “Wouldn’t it be great if someone proffered the best-in-class smart products and that too at a price that wouldn’t burn holes into our pockets?”

The answer was simple – “Why wait for someone else? Why can’t that someone be us?”

This simple realisation and we embarked on a journey in search of high-end products.

What could we do?

The realisation was quick; but the challenge was to give away the same products at a reasonable, affordable price. As we explored deeper, we realised that this in-fact wasn’t a problem at all. One of the main reasons behind such skyrocketing prices is that the products have to travel through various pipelines before reaching the consumer. Also we were bewildered to find that the so-called premium brands are not directly involved in manufacturing the products. All they do is take these products from the manufacturer and brand them with their logo. Hence, the solution was straightforward now – eliminate all the middlemen (including the brand) between the manufacturer and the consumer end.

4 Pillars 

Direct sourcing, order aggregation, hand-picked products and community

Direct sourcing from factories

At DreamKats, our highly talented product acquisition team reached out to the high-end manufacturers from across the globe. These manufacturers are the companies that actually invest rigorous hours and dedicated manpower to the R&D and fabrication of the final product. Not only that, these are the manufacturers who are actually manufacturing goods for the top-notch brands.

Eliminating all the middlemen, we create an undeviating online connection between the high-end manufacturers and consumers.

Curated Products

The team then curates the best-in-class next-gen products and goods directly from the manufacturers. The products are primarily curated after considering the following factors:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Strong Features
  • Uniqueness of the product

Quality Control

Once we have a range of products at our disposal, our community members perform rigorous trials on these products by actually using them personally. As a performance test, the products are used by the community members. The product makes to the finalized list only when our members are satisfied with the product. We make sure that our customers are really happy with the product that they have purchased.

Community buying

By eliminating the middlemen in the supply-chain, we have been able to bring down the costs to a great extent. We are also ensuring that the product that reaches out customers is true value for their money, However, something indicated us, that we could still do better. And yes, we did!

Welcome to community buying

Our funda is simple. The more you buy, the better price you get.

The process is simple. While finalising our products,we negotiate the best possible price of a particular product with the respective manufacturer and decide on a goal. This goal is a target quantity of orders that the manufacturer agrees to sell at a lower price.

With our community driven approach, we encourage our members to gang up together to achieve a minimum set of people who can buy at bulk to meet the goal set by the supplier.