ProductUse CasePriceWatch interfaceDial and StrapVariantsBattery LifeWaterProofTracking FeaturesExtra FeaturesApp Features
Honor MagicSports Digital SmartwatchRs. 9999Digital,1.2 inch AMOLED Touch ScreenRound Dial, Replacable SiliconNone7 daysSwimwearActivity, Sleep, Heart Rate, 9 sporting activitiesIn-Built GPS, Detailed activity displayIn Depth Sleep and Heart Rate Analysis
Noerden SmartwatchHybrid SmartwatchRs. 4299-59991.5 inch, Mechanical watch handsRound Dial, Thin Silicon/MilaneseLife2, Life2+, Mate26 months+50 mActivity, Sleep,Sporting activitiesMusic Control, Camera TriggerTracking Records
Kingwear FS08Sports Digital SmartwatchRs. 4499Digital,1.26 inch Transreflective Touch ScreenRound Dial, Interchangeable StrapNone2 daysIP68, Sweat, Rain and accidental immersion protectionActivity, Sleep, Heart Rate, Sporting ActivitiesIn-Built GPS, Barometer, Compass, Detailed activity displayTracking Records
Lenovo Watch XHybrid SmartwatchRs. 36991.5 inch Mechanical Watch hands, digital tinyscreenRound Dial, Milanese/SiliconSilicon, Milanese45 days80 m, SwimwearActivity, Sleep, Heart RateTiny activity displayIn Depth Sleep and Heart Rate Analysis