A quite few weeks

It’s been more than a month since we last engaged with our friends in our groups on WhatsApp and Telegram

So what were we busy with?

Let me be honest with you.

We were overwhelmed with the kind of requests our members placed with us. We were unprepared.

But now we are ready to serve you better for real.

That’s what we had been working on since last 5 weeks. Take a quick look at the store and you will find pretty much everything you guys asked for.

Speakers, Smartbands, smartwatches, high base earphones, earphones for swimmers, travel goods, workout earphones, earbuds , smart notebooks and more.

The best part is we have a community solution on our platform. This section will be the common platform for all of us to share your queries, suggestions, requests and feedback.

We got a really cool telegram bot which can integrate with your telegram account. Just login to our platform and integrate telegram and we will send you an L shape braided data cable worth Rs. 299 absolutely free.

Follow the simple steps below:

Visit: https://dreamkats.com/my-account/ 🙌🏽
Sign- up : Using facebook/ google
Click on : Take me to community🥁
Click on: Connect telegram

(You have been redirected to telegram)
Click on: Start


If you permit, let’s get off to a fresh start. You are our 1st group members. We can’t thank you enough. Give us another chance to serve you and this time, for the sake of our collective reputation and for the sake of the trust you bestowed upon us once, we will not let you down (OR disappear again).



Team Dreamkats

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